Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy bath tub lift user in Lansing, MI

I received the bath tub lift in a timely manner and am very happy with it. I am 96 years old and taking a bath is a great treat. I am also happy with your staff.
Helen N Lansing, MI

Sonaris 2 XL bath lift in West Islip, NY

Thanks so much for all your help and I would highly recommend your company to everyone that may need your services.By the way, my mom loves the Sonaris 2 XL bath lift.  She’s 90 years old and hasn’t been able to take a bath in MANY years.  She always took baths and never liked to take a shower.
Linda B West Islip, NY

Minivator bath lift in Rising Fawn, GA

My mother is very happy with the Minivaror Bath Bliss bath tub lift lift.  She was unable to take a bath before we received the lift. Now she can take one whenever she wants. I was also impressed with how friendly your staff is and your customer follow up.
Ray D Rising Fawn, GA

Sonaris Bath Lift Clearance Sale

I'm so glad that I found you. With your Sonaris bath tub lift clearance sale I got the lowest price on a Sonaris Bath Lift.
Thanks for providing such a great service.
Thelma J    Cleveland, OH

Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL

I had talked to you and planned on ordering a Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL from HomeAccessProducts. Web names can be confusing and I ended up ordering from one of your competitors. What a joke that was, they shipped me the wrong bath tub lift altogether. Then he didn't want to let me return it!
Once that order cancels, I'll be sure to order from you.
Peter T Raleigh, NC

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rio bath lift from HomeAccessProducts

Today we received a new home bath lift from HomeAccessProducts.com which cost us, on sale, for $399. It typically sells for around $500 from the supplier from whom we purchased our Rio bath lift for our home; more from others whose web sites you can also find out on the Internet or even on Amazon.com.
Dan P Maple Valley, WA

Friday, August 1, 2014

Bath Lift in Wichita, KS

We received the Bath Lift two days after we placed the order.  My wife tried it the day we received the lift. She LOVES it! She would recommend it to everyone who has trouble getting into and out of a bathtub.
With warmest regards,
Glyn L Wichita, KS