Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rio Bath tub Lift in Princeton, MN

Hi, Carlos!

My 93 year old mother has been using the Rio Bath Lift for several months now, and she is really pleased to be able to enjoy taking a bath again without having to worry about being able to get into and out of the tub.
The lift has made all the difference for her.  Thank you!
Jan D Princeton, MN

Monday, November 10, 2014

Purchased 2 bath tub lifts in Lenoir City, TN

I received both of the bath lifts and my Mother just absolutely loves it. It has been a while since she has taken a bath. The other lift is for my Mother in law and we are giving it to her for Christmas. It makes a great Christmas gift. I'm also happy with how friendly the people you have working for your company.
Kelli M Lenoir City, TN

Bath Tub Lift in Prattville, AL

The bath tub lift  was for my mom. She's 85 and was sponge bathing. Before I took it up there, I tried it out...LOVED IT..wanted to keep it for me. I take showers because of the effort it takes to get out of a tub. Once I did set it up for her, she loves it. her first bath in over a year.
Kerry C :)   Prattville, AL

Minivator Bath tub lift in Orange Park, FL

The bath lift chair was just the thing I needed for my wife and me now she can take a bath anytime day or night .Thank you
Tom S Orange Park, FL