Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ex Wife loves her Bath Bliss bath lift in Eaton, IN

My ex wife had a massive stroke that left her entire right side paralyzed and left her unable to speak in November 2013. Since that time she has had only sponge baths.

And then I saw the Bath Bliss bathtub lift! Bought it and installed it in the tub (takes minutes to install). Showed it to my ex wife and she broke down in tears, and insisted on trying it out immediately (Can't talk but boy howdy can she communicate). It works perfectly and makes it easy to get her in and out of the tub.

Great price, great service, great lift!

Steven E Eaton, IN

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sonaris Bath lift in Falling Waters, WV

I sent the following email to my friends and family. I decided to share it here as well:

As you all know Stephanie had her stroke about 30 months ago. She is doing great, but she will never be Stephanie again. We have been searching for a device to place her in and out of the tub. Well we finally found something that most people can afford. Its call Bathmaster Sonaris 2 Bathlift - XL. It retails for 806.00 then the hygiene covers and turning transfer aid w/cover is another 150.00 If you order online from HomeAccessProducts.com, which we did, we saved 200.00. Shipping was free and we received it overnight.
Both Stephanie and Karen love it. All it takes to assemble is a knife to cut open the box, its that simple.

Please pass this info on to your friends that may or may not need one. It is a game changer.

Charles S Falling Waters, WV


Bellavita Bath lift in Shepherdsville, KY

I received my Bellaveta Bath Lift.  I have already used it and it works wonderfully.  I put it in my big black tub.  I lowered it down and I can stretch my legs completely out.  I think I am going to get a lot of use out of it.   I'm so glad I found it on line.  It is one of the nicer lifts then I've seen.

Shirley  R Shepherdsville, KY

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bellavita Bath Lift in Henrietta, NY

I really like my Bellavita tub lift it's so nice to be able to sit in hot water,I would like info on a stair lift.

Thank You

Shirley C
Henrietta, NY

Bath Lift in Dunmoody, GA

I received the Minivator 311 bath tub lift and used the unit just this past Sunday. I must say, the wife is THRILLED!. She really needed this so she could take a bath without fear of falling or not being able to get out of the tub. She couldn't be happier! Thank you SO much for the wonderful deal you gave me!

All the best
Jim R
Dunwoody, GA

Bath lift in CampHoll, PA

Yes. I love bath tub lift. after having taken nothing but showers over the years, this is great. Thank You
Roger K
Camp Hill, PA

Deltis Bath tub lift in Parrish, AL

My Mother-in-Law will call me and say "guess where I am". I know she is in the bathtub.  She truly loves it.  It has been years since she could take a soaky bath.  We may order another Deltis Bath Lift for one of here friend.  

Thanks Jimmy G
Parrish, AL

Deltis Bath Lift Bundle in York, SC

The Deltis Bath lift bundle with the swivel slide works great and is such a huge help. We like the ease of use and how it

can be completely portable to be taken on trips, if needed. I would

definitely recommend this product to anyone needing a bathtub lift!
Leila M
York, SC

Gary saved $1000 by buying an Acorn 130 stair lift from us!

The Acorn stair lift is fantastic. We installed it in very little time. We saved $1000 by buying from you! :)

Endicott, NY

Minivator Bath Bliss Bath Lift in Bakersfield, CA

It arrived as promised. The following day we drove to Ginny's (she lives 2 hrs from us) and set it up. She loves it and it is the perfect thing for her aching legs! The Minivator Bath Bliss is great.

Thank you! Sandy D Bakersfield, CA

Deltis bath lift in Sleepy Eye, MN

We did receive it very fast, I have  been using it every night I really am glad we bought it. So far so good.    Thank-you, Lois
Sleepy Eye, MN