Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hi John,I actually just received the portable ramp yesterday...I ordered it not for a wheelchair...but for my 10-year-old Boxer, who's becoming paralyzed with Degenerative Myelopathy & my 9-year-old poodle/dachshund...who has two ACL issues in her back legs...the vet suggested a dog ramp for them, but this ramp is 30" wide instead of the typical 15"- 20" wide dog ramps & much sturdier...I easily put it together last night & will be teaching them to use it this week...I have it going from the patio door landing down to the patio, so they won't have to go up & down the 4 stairs...Thanks for the prompt order filling & shipping service...I'm sure it will be a good investment...I may try to put a carpet cover or something (?) on it, though, as the surface may be very abrasive for their paws...Best,Linda B Herriman, UT

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